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How To Guides For The Terraces Affiliate Dashboard

How To Login




STEP 1: To login, from the Terraces Affiliates homepage click Manage Account


STEP 2: Enter your username and password and click “Login To My Account” and voila! You’re done.


How To Track Your Commissions


STEP 1: To find out more information about your commissions, hover over or click “Commissions” in the white menu across the top of the page


STEP 2: From the drop down menu you can view ‘Current Commissions’, ‘Pending Approval’ and ‘Paid Commissions.’ From here, clicking ‘Current Comissions’ will show you your approved commissions.



OR Step 3: Click “Pending Commissions” to see commissions that you have requested but haven’t been approved yet.



OR STEP 4: Select “Paid Commissions” to view complete commissions that have already been paid into your bank account.


How To Build an Affiliate Link


STEP 1: To create an affiliate link, from the Account Management page, hover over or click “Custom Traffic Links” in the white menu across the top of the page. Click “Build an Affiliate Link.”



STEP 2: This will take you to the link builder page, where you can create links. From this page, you can also view a tutorial, which you’ll find by clicking the green box. If you already know what you’re doing, enter your link into the box provided



STEP 3: Once you’ve created your link, a cookie will track potential customers who click the link for 30 days. If the person who’s clicked on the link makes a purchase within 30 days, you will get a commission from that purchase.


When are commissions paid?
Commissions are paid thirty days after the commission has been generated. This is generally at the beginning of the month following the thirty day period. For example: Commission generated on 1st September will be paid on 1st November Example 2: Commission generated on 29th September will be paid 1st November

Why is this the case?

As a fashion business, you can appreciate that we have many returns. Putting a larger window in place before payment gives the customer time to make a return if they so wish.      

How are payments made via PayPal
When you sign up to use the Terraces Affiliate programme, you’ll be asked to complete a form that will ask for the email address associated with your PayPal account Your commissions are paid into your account once a month via the PayPal account you provided
Why was my commission removed?

We manually review all commissions to check for fraudulent activity, duplicate commissions, and policy violations. Occasionally, we have to remove or deny commissions due to these conditions. Please see below some of the common examples as to why we might remove commissions


Example 1: Commissions generated on delivery charges – In this case, we will remove or deny the commissions as we don’t pay commissions on delivery charges


Example 2: Products returned – As you can imagine, fashion stores receive a lot of returns from customers buying products to try before returning. In this case, we will deny or remove commissions where we have refunded customers due to returns.


Example 3: Duplicate commissions – Sometimes, due to technical reasons, commissions can be generated multiple times when only one purchase has been made. In this scenario, we will remove or deny the commissions which are duplicated and approve the single commission which has been generated correctly.